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Life in Ethiopia Capital of Addis Ababa People Population Culture History Music and Life

#ethiopia#addisababa#hornofafrica Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a rugged, landlocked country split by the Great Rift Valley. With archaeological finds dating back more than 3 million years, it’s a place of ancient culture.

Among its important sites are Lalibela with its rock-cut Christian churches from the 12th–13th centuries. Aksum is the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and Our Lady Mary of Zion church. The land has a total area of 426,372 square miles. Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in Africa and the 27th biggest in the world. The highest mountain peak (Ras Daschän) is at 4,533 meters. There is no access to the open sea. It shares national borders with the six neighboring countries Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. The current population of Ethiopia is 123,417,921 as of, June 2023. Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. It is located on a well-watered plateau surrounded by hills and mountains in the geographic centre of the country. Sometimes referred to as the capital of Africa, Addis Ababa is a buzzing hub of economic, social and political activity and home to such notable offices as the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Life in Ethiopia - Capital of Addis Ababa, People, Population, Culture, History, Music and Lifestyle Ethiopia | Ethiopia People | Horn of Africa | Ethiopian| African Culture | African People | African History | African Tradition | Addis Ababa | People | Population | Culture | History | Language | Music | Lifestyle Please kindly subscribe to @AfriCultureChronicles for more positive insight into Africa cultural stories and mesmerizing adventures. Also follow our socials:- Instagram: @africulture_chronicles Facebook: @africulturechronicles TikTok: @africulture_chronicles Pinterest: @africulturechroniclesting.


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